Clinical Outcomes and Risk Stratification of Early-Stage Melanoma Micrometastases

J Clinical Oncology
Dec 09, 2022

Patients with AJCC IIIA melanoma with SN tumor deposits 0.3 mm and above in maximum dimension are at higher risk of disease progression and may benefit from adjuvant systemic therapy or enrollment into a clinical trial.

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Clinical Significance of Early Pulmonary Hypertension in Preterm Infants

J Pediatr.
Dec 08, 2022

Early PH is highly prevalent (55%) in preterm infants and associated with the development of BPD, independent of the phenotype of PH.

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Cognitive-Driven Activities of Daily Living Impairment as a Predictor for Dementia in Parkinson Disease

Dec 07, 2022

The importance of differentiating between cognitive and motor aspects on ADL function in PD and monitoring cognitive ADL impairment in the prodromal stage of dementia is paramount.

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Telehealth Privacy and Security Tips

Dec 10, 2022

Buzz, a HIPAA-complaint platform enables providers to conduct secure video conferences or calls with patients quickly, easily & seamlessly.

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Prehospital Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation For Severe Respiratory Distress In Adult Patients

J Clin Nurs
Dec 06, 2022

Adult patients with NIPPV treatment for severe respiratory distress had a significantly lower intubation rate and shorter hospital and ICU stay, compared with those with standard care.

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Clinical Implications of the "Broken Line" Angiographic Pattern in Patients With SCAD

Am J Cardiol.
Dec 06, 2022

Patients with SCAD presenting the BKL angiographic pattern are more frequently female and present more often as intramural hematoma with longer lesions and severe vessel tortuosity but have better coronary flow.

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Apixaban Dosing Patterns Versus Warfarin in Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation Receiving Dialysis

Am J Kidney Dis
Nov 24, 2022

Among patients with nonvalvular AF undergoing dialysis, warfarin is associated with an increased risk of bleeding compared with apixaban.

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A Novel Unconventional T Cell Population Enriched In Crohn's Disease

Nov 23, 2022

Identified and characterised a subpopulation of unconventional Crohn-associated invariant T (CAIT) cells. Multiple evidence suggests these cells to be part of the NKT type II population.

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Effectiveness of Clown Intervention For Pain Relief In Children

J Clin Nurs
Nov 22, 2022

Clown intervention may be a promising way to relieve acute pain in children, especially those aged 2–7 years.

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Isolated Comminuted Fracture Of The Cricoid Cartilage and Narrowing Of The Airway After A Traumatic Blunt Injury Of The Neck

Int J Emerg Med
Nov 21, 2022

This case report highlights the conservative treatment of isolated cricoid cartilage fracture in the setting of low-energy blunt trauma.

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomic Profiling and Urine Chemistries in Incident Kidney Stone Formers Compared with Controls

Nov 11, 2022

The results demonstrated that FUS mutations underlie a specific subtype of ALS and enable a careful stratification of newly diagnosed FUS-ALS cases for clinical course and potential therapeutic windows.

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