Comparison of Inhibitory Effects of Irreversible and Reversible Btk Inhibitors On Platelet Function

Nov 26, 2021

As MK-1026 showed less off-target effects and only affected activation of isolated platelets, it might be promising for future treatment.

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Effect of Maternal Metformin Treatment in Pregnancy on Neonatal Metabolism

Diabetes Care
Nov 25, 2021

Study helped to identify subtle (nonpathological) changes in neonatal metabolism that represent a signature effect of fetal metformin exposure.

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Telehealth Privacy and Security Tips

Nov 27, 2021

Buzz, a HIPAA-complaint platform enables providers to conduct secure video conferences or calls with patients quickly, easily & seamlessly.

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Colorectal Cancer Risk Following Polypectomy In A Multicentre, Retrospective, Cohort Study

Nov 24, 2021

The guidelines accurately classify post-polypectomy patients into those at high risk, for whom one surveillance colonoscopy appears appropriate, and those at low risk who can be managed by non-invasive screening.

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Prediction Score for Recurrent Adnexal Torsion in Women With A Previous Adnexal Torsion

Intl J Gynecol Obstet.
Nov 23, 2021

Coupled with information regarding the previous surgical approach in previous AT and current IVF use, these factors could be used to efficiently predict rAT among women with a previous AT.

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Emergency Nurses' Experiences in Treating Patients With Mental Illness

Nov 23, 2021

It is important to understand the lived experiences of nurses treating patients with mental illness to learn be better prepared for future encounters.

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Population Pharmacokinetics of Meropenem in Critically Ill Infant Patients

Nov 22, 2021

The population pharmacokinetic model could be used for suggesting individualized meropenem dosage regimens in critically ill infants.

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Vaginal Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment and Changes in Vaginal Biomechanical Parameters

Lasers Surg. Med.
Nov 19, 2021

The quantification of vaginal biomechanical parameters using VTI technology offers objective evidence of the beneficial effect of vaginal CO2 laser treatment.

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Unravelling Atrioventricular Block Risk in Inflammatory Diseases

Nov 18, 2021

Systemic inflammation can acutely worsen atrioventricular conduction, and that IL-6-induced down-regulation of cardiac connexin43 is a mechanistic pathway putatively involved in the process.

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Association of Infectious Mononucleosis in Childhood and Adolescence With Risk for a Subsequent Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Among Siblings

Nov 17, 2021

The findings suggest that IM in childhood and particularly adolescence is a risk factor associated with a diagnosis of MS, independent of shared familial factors.

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