Increasing Threat of Spread of Antimicrobial-resistant Fungus in Healthcare Facilities

Mar 24, 2023

C. auris case counts may also have increased because of enhanced efforts to detect cases, including increased colonization screening, a test to see if someone has the fungus somewhere on their body but does not have an infection or symptoms of infection.

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Losing Connection: Experiences of Virtual Pregnancy and Postpartum Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 21, 2023

Study findings encourage very judicious use of virtual care for communities that are at high risk for birth disparities to avoid impacting relationship building between patient and provider.

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Assessment of Vascular and Valvular Calcification Improves Screening for CAD Before Liver Transplantation

Am J Cardiol.
Mar 20, 2023

The use of abdominal vascular, coronary artery, and valvular calcification, along with stress echo, improves the ability to identify and rule out obstructive CAD before OLT compared with stress echo alone.

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Telehealth Privacy and Security Tips

Mar 25, 2023

Buzz, a HIPAA-complaint platform enables providers to conduct secure video conferences or calls with patients quickly, easily & seamlessly.

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A Longitudinal Study Of Perinatal Depression and The Risk Role Of Cognitive Fusion and Perceived Stress On Postpartum Depression

J Clin Nurs
Mar 07, 2023

Changes in depression were influenced by multiple factors with stability and predictability across time. Psychological dimensions, such as perceived stress and cognitive fusion, are risk factors for developing postpartum depression and antenatal depression.

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Fetal Cardiac and Neonatal Cerebral Hemodynamics and Oxygen Metabolism In Transposition Of The Great Arteries

Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol.
Mar 06, 2023

A higher level of preoperative hypoxemia was observed in the TGA-VSD group. Postsurgical cerebral adaptive mechanisms probably differ between TGA groups.

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Genetic Risk for Alzheimer Disease and Plasma Tau Are Associated With Accelerated Parietal Cortex Thickness Change in Middle-Aged Adults

Neuro Genetics
Mar 03, 2023

Plasma tau, particularly when combined with genetic stratification for AD risk, can be a useful indicator of brain change in midlife.

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Intra-Operative Fluorescence-Based Detection Of Positive Surgical Margins During Radical Prostatectomy

Lasers Surg. Med.
Mar 02, 2023

This study showed similar fluorescence of immuno-labeled prostate tissue samples and controls, failing to demonstrate the feasibility of intra-operative margin detection using PSMA immuno-labeling, due to marked tissue autofluorescence.

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Treatment Outcomes in the Primary Tube Versus Trabeculectomy Study after 5 Years of Follow-up

Mar 01, 2023

Trabeculectomy with MMC and tube shunt surgery produced similar IOPs after 5 years of follow-up in the PTVT Study, but fewer glaucoma medications were required after trabeculectomy.

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Carotid Body Tumors

The Nurse Practitioner
Feb 28, 2023

Because CBTs may become malignant and metastasize, it is important for NPs to be knowledgeable about presenting symptoms and appropriate diagnostic studies to be able to refer patients to vascular surgeons early to prevent complications.

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Podocyte-Parietal Epithelial Cell Interdependence in Glomerular Development and Disease

Feb 28, 2023

PECs are thought to contribute to disease progression and severity, and the interdependence between these two cell-types during development and in various manifestations of kidney pathology is the primary focus of this review.

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